about the artist

Name: Akiva Huber.
Address: LASKOV 3, Haifa 34950, Israel.
E-mail: a_huber@inter.net.il
Cell. 972-523553028

Place of birth: France, Lyon..
Year of birth: 1947.
Year of immigration to Israel: 1949
Status: married + 3 children.
Education: 1966-1968: 'Shiba' College of radiography

Art Education:
Ceramic Sculpture, Kiryat Bialik Community Center (88-90).
Sculpture Academy, Emeq Izrael , Goren Center (90-92)

Member of: the Israeli painters & sculptors association.

Studio Location: Haifa Bay Area

Representing Galleries in USA:
L'atitude gallery –Boston- MA
. Xanadu Gallery –Scottsdale AZ
Houshang Galleries-Santa Fe-NM
Scheduled exhibitions in 2013
October 2013- Art from the Heart-Solo exhibition-Moscone Convention Center -San Francisco CA U.S.A.
November-2013 –Houshang Galleries Santa Fe NM