The artist's statement

I was born in France – 1947, to holocaust survivors from Hungary. My work reflects my approach consciously or sub-consciously to the subjects like gender relations, reconciliation
on and separation. Like many of my fellow artists, I was fascinated by biblical motifs. The pattern of my life is influenced by the power, emotions and struggle in these stories. Another source of influence is undoubtedly the conflict of being second generation to holocaust victims. This makes me more sensitive and more aware of the duality of life, so that I focus on a never- ending struggle of the artist with himself and especially with his surroundings.

My sculptures try to express pure beauty and movement, reflecting particular situations, sensuality and a lust for life. I attempted to materialize the mysterious duality, the bond between man and woman in order to create figures both androgynous and homogeneous.

In my work there is a dialogue between open space and structures. The delicate round sculptures reflect and introduce grace and beauty into the diversity of human world. Although the size of many of the sculptures is small, they are very powerful, expressing tumultuous human feeling. Each one could well serve as a model for outdoor sculptures in public squares or halls, add to the aesthetic and graceful atmosphere, and make the observer share aesthetic experience.

I always prefer my unique style to express my mood without attempting to resemble to any of the famous sculptors. I pass my subjects from real life which accounts for their impact from one topic to another, from sculpture to sculpture, always with social conscience, challenging conventional material, expressing novelty and wit and the metamorphosis of shape and color. The importance of the human spirit is expressed in my sculptures through curved body language, reflecting the spirit of the time and époque in which we live.